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Appointments for Jewellery Appraisals

Appointments are available, for your appraisal needs, in my private office when my clinic dates are not compatible with your schedule.   

 Please call or email me direct for these appointments  

 Phone: 519-546-0112                                                                                                                                                                 email: kcappraisals@rogers.com


   me and microscoop


Jewellery Stores using KC Appraisals Services

Available clinic appointment times are booked direct with hosting store .

Silveri Jewellers, 995 Paisley Rd, Guelph, ON,  N1K 1X6, (519) 824-970--Clinic Dates and pick up and delivery services available

Silveri Jewellers, Krug St, Kitchener, Ontario-- Clinic Dates, Pick up and delivery service available


 Clinic Dates offered at Silveri Jewellers 2018

All dates are Saturday and subject to change:


Guelph Dates:

February 17, 2018, Mar 17, April 14, May 12 

Kitchener Dates

Mar 24, May 26