KC Appraisals- Jewellery Appraisals-Purpose and Process

Types of Appraisals

          Insurance Appraisals:   valued at Retail Market replacement               
          Estate and Probate Appraisals:   valued to fair market value in a secondary market              
         Divorce Settlement Appraisals:   valued to fair market value similar to estate and probate appraisals        
        Post Loss Settlement:   done after loss when no appraisal is available but there may be photos, receipts or other documents
 appraisal form (917x1280) (917x1280)


Jewellery Services Available for:    Private clients, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Retail Jewellery Stores
 Jewellery Appraisal services may be provided at Bank Vaults and Law offices to facilitate your jewellery appraisal needs.
Jewellery Appraisal services are also provided through my Private Office with a flexible schedule offered  


Jewellery Items are examined using the following process:

+gemstone and diamond rings, bracelets, pendants, watches, and pearls are checked for wear and needed repairs
+ colour, cut clarity and weight of gems are graded without being removed from its setting.
+metals may be tested for true identification of karat of gold, silver or platinum.
+Hallmarks are noted and identified when it will add value eg. a Tiffany ring, or to make comparable replacement easier should your jewellery item be lost.
+Construction of your jewellery item is noted and detailed in your appraisal document for a comprehensive identification of your jewellery item.
Your jewellery is photographed and weighed and all appraisals are signed and stamped with the signature and seal of Karen Howard FCGmA, RMV, CAP (CJA)