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Jewellery Appraising


Karen Howard is gold and a pleasure to do business with. Her expertise and experience is very impressive and she's trusted by big jewellery stores to handle all their appraisals. You can't beat the affordable cost for her services. A winner!       Darrell Turnock -2016            

Blue Diamond Grading Chart with Diamonds and Loupe.


“Karen Howard provided me with great service when she appraised my Mom’s remaining jewellery, when I was wrapping up her estate. Karen is knowledgable, trustworthy, and was great to deal with. Her smile, and her friendly attitude made dealing with her something I looked forward to. Her deep knowledge of her specialty was evident, and the final report she provided was very professional. I would highly recommend Karen’s services to anyone needing jewellery appraisals!”    D. Nix

Karen has been working with us for over 12 years. She is very professional, very highly educated and keeps up with what is current with appraising and  gemmology.  Karen is excellent with customers,  making them feel comfortable while appraising their jewellery. Karen is very trustworthy and I highly recommend her for any jewellery appraising.     Lisa Koebel, Silveri Jewellers


It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. Thank you so much for everything and I appreciate all the work you put in to the appraisals.     Gina

Having Karen at the store for appraisal clinics has added an important service we can offer our clients. The have found her to be professional and very knowledgeable      Morag Alan, Wilson & Markle Jewellers Ltd

General Interest Courses

History of Jewellery and History of Rings

It was great. I learned a lot about the history of jewellery and rings and how the styles  have endured over time as fashions, monarchies, etc. changed....Karen was really passionate and I liked her informal style-fun class!  Jacqueline Wong, May 2015

Talking Diamonds taught at CGA Classroom                                                  stock-footage-falling-diamonds-looped-cg-animation

....Karen Howard was very generous with her knowledge and experiences. she entertained all questions and also ensured she covered the most valuable parts of the content...Tom H. Nov 2014

...I  found the course quite refreshing. The instructor encouraged us to ask question in order to find out more about diamonds. The course was a good investment and time well spent...Abraham C. Nov 2014

...informative session. Knowledgeable Instructor...Victor T. Nov 2014

Pre Exam Lab

This workshop was very useful and I learned  a lot I never heard before. Karen taught me what I should see under a microscope step by step. She is very professional and patient for every question...Judy Li